Reiki’s Byosen Scanning

by Authentic Reiki Techniques on April 12, 2008

Byosen Scanning

In quite a few posts I have pointed out the value in gaining familiarity with the subtle Reiki energies (for example, here and here). One of the many payoffs for the time and effort spent in doing so if found in the Reiki technique of Byosen Scanning.

What is Byosen Scanning?

Byosen Scanning, or Byosen Reikan-ho in Japanese is, in its simplest form, the practice of using your hands like a metal detector when doing Reiki… but instead of searching for lost treasure you are searching for energy imbalances. Once your hands become familiar with the subtle Reiki energies, you can easily detect these imbalances simply by passing your hand over someone’s body. In fact, my hands start to tingle whenever I am anywhere near an energy imbalance which indicates that Reiki is needed.

What is Hibiki?

Hibiki is the Japanese word for an energy vibration. In Byosen Scanning, when there is a negative energy vibration, or Hibiki, different people experience this sensation in different ways while doing Reiki. More physical people might directly detect it as a vibration, generally in their hands. More visual people might sense it in degrees of color or aura smudges, while more auditory people might actually hear the particular buzz associated with that Hibiki. There is no one and only correct way.

How do I do Byosen Scanning?

Reiki’s Byosen Scanning is an extremely easy technique, but requires lots of practice to perfect. To start off with, just keep your hands about an inch away from the subject’s body (I generally start at the top of the head) and as slowly as possible, move your hands over the entire body until you feel some Hibiki. When you sense that Hibiki, or energy imbalance, concentrate your Reiki (using the first and/or second Reiki symbols if you like) on that area until the vibration stops… then move on. The Reiki hand positions were actually developed for people who couldn’t perceive Hibiki, so the hand positions cover the main areas where energetic irregularities are most likely to occur.

Again, since practice makes perfect I cannot emphasize the importance of practice enough. So… why are you still reading? Start scanning! :-)

For further explanation or discussion, your thoughts are most welcome and highly encouraged, please feel free to comment below!!!

Duane P. Flowers, Reiki Master

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